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Wentworth Tennis - Holiday Camps

Holiday Camps

Tennis Squad Camp

This camp is for players who are from year 5 or 10 years and up who want to hit a lot of balls and play plenty of points to prepare for comp tennis during the term.
Steve conducts the camps with a focus on improving the set play of the participants through sophisticated drills and play formats.
The camp is held from 1pm to 430pm for limited numbers so the participants are constantly playing.


Advanced players: Maximising their potential. Focus is on sophisticated drills and point play.

Upcoming Camp Dates.

Dates: September 5th – 9th 2014
Venue: Waverley College Courts, Palms Tennis Centre Paddington

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for camp bookings, payments and credits at Wentworth Tennis (WT) are listed below. 
Please note that we do not provide refunds and we only provide credits on your account.
Cancellations can only be made by phoning us on 0410605926.


1. Bookings can be made ONLINE, and will only be accepted with full payment.
2. Once you have booked at our daily rate you cannot change to a weekly booking rate once the camp has started (ie you can add extra days at the daily rate, but not pay the balance of a weekly rate).
1. If WT is informed by 8pm the day before the day you wish to cancel, a credit is given for that cancellation. 

2. If WT is not informed by 8pm the day before the day you wish to cancel, zero credit is given. (This includes if a child is sick)

3. To change a camp day you must first cancel the day you currently have booked and therefore points 1 & 2 of this cancellation policy applies. Please phone WT on 0410605926 to do this.
Change of Day(s) booked
1. Please be aware that if you want to change the day(s) your child is booked in a camp then it equates to cancelling a day and rebooking a new day, and therefore the above cancellation fee system applies.
Wet Weather

1. All our camps are held every day, and fully staffed, irrespective of the weather and therefore no credit is given due to weather.