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TNT Sports Clean

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TNT Sports Clean is an Australian owned and operated company and we specialise in caring for both artificial grass and hard court playing surfaces.
TNT Sports Clean provides regular maintenance for synthetic grass and hard courts including tennis, netball, pickleball, basketball courts and football fields.

We provide hands-on maintenance and cleaning services for Sydney and the surrounding areas including private and public courts, schools and councils. Whether it is a unique location or regular scheduled services for high use areas, we can do it whilst working around your schedule.

Without regular servicing both synthetic and hard services can accumulate mould, moss and debris making them dangerous, reducing their lifespan and aesthetic appeal. A regular service from TNT Sport Clean, the court maintenance specialists will optimize your courts playability and lifespan and it is affordable too.

TNT Sports Clean use world leading equipment for tennis and synthetic turf and high pressure water on hard surfaces. Cleaning the courts of unwanted organics including mould, moss, hair and other debris, we bring the surface back to life. Ensuring the surface is well maintained which, will prolong it’s life and performance as well as it’s aesthetic appeal.

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Sports court services

Artificial Grass Court Cleaning
TNT Sports Clean developed a cleaning and servicing system for sand filled artificial grass surfaces, using purpose built equipment. Our purpose built machines have been stringently tested and approved. On completion of the service, we will provide you with a comprehensive individually tailored tennis court condition report which will identify any potential problems, the condition of the fibres and any other necessary details.

Hard Court Cleaning
TNT Sports Clean can provide a comprehensive service for your hard court. We are able to remove mould and clean and restore your hard court surface with our high pressure water treatment.

The Benefits of a TNT Sports Clean Service – Hard Court and Synthetic Grass